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Before you book our services, you may take a look at below TIPS!​

​1) Check the Availability of the Makeup Artist​

​2) Suggest the Best Package that fit your Schedule

​3) Pencil-mark the Trial Booking for You

​4) Confirm the Trial Booking by transferring the fee to our
HSBC account 809 890 783 838

(Tips! Please send us email with the receipt afterwards so that we can re-confirm you shortly!)

​5) Makeup & Hairdo Trial Preparation:

a) Please dress in Light colour with Wide collar for better result

b) You may bring the styling photos that you Like & Dislike for the discussion

​6) Confirmation of Makeup Artist for your Big Day!

(by settlement of deposit 70% of the package price)

(Tips! Trial fee will be rebated by joining us on the trial day!)

7) Final Meeting before Your Big Day!
(It will be held on Weekday that 2 - 3 weeks before your Big Day!)

For any enquiries, please feel free to contact us at 28332900 or email us back to




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